Well, it happened: I blinked, and summer was gone. I truly don't know where it went, so if anyone happens to see a summer running around wild and free, could you please try to catch it and return it to me? 

On the upside, it was a pretty good couple of months. I got to do this fantastically fun show at Legion Bar, where I gave a Ted Talk on a 1999 Madonna video. Madonna's material is many-layered, profound, and truly fertile ground for intellectual inquiry (and comedy). So that was fun. 

As always, I also got to write some stuff for The Whiskey Journal! My work seems to have had a cinematic theme this summer, with some thoughts about Wonder Woman kicking the summer off, and some thoughts about Disney movies sending the summer out. I've also got a new piece with a ~*new outlet*~ coming later in the month, so be sure to check back in to see it when it goes live! At the current rate I'm posting, I should have a link on my website by March. Of 2047. 

Unfailingly, the best part of every summer for me is travel, but the worst part is airline fuckery. In spite of Delta's best attempts to stop me, I spent some quality time in Bermuda, Toronto, and Iowa this summer.  I had a blast and took a lot of vain selfies. 

Coincidentally, you can hear me tell a story about a much more ill-fated trip this Saturday, September 9th, at Ilana Michelle Rubin's show SICK: a comedy show about illnesses & injuries. It got written up in Brokelyn, and how cool is that? 

Well, I'd love to stick around and chat, but I have to go & stop my cat from butt-scooting all over my rug. I hope your summer was as glamorous as mine, with slightly fewer cat-butts!