Have you ever had a really great idea while you were in the middle of something, finished whatever you were doing, and then realized you'd forgotten the idea by the time you were ready to write it down? Happened to me yesterday - I was getting dressed to go out to dinner, had a great idea for a sketch, went to dinner, filled my face up with Thai food, came home, and realized that I only remember my excitement about the idea, and not the idea itself. Oops. I'm still kind of mad about it. 

Fortunately, even if I never remember my idea and the world never gets to see the sketch, I've still got some other stuff going on. I've got two new articles up at The Whiskey Journal: the first is about a scenario every woman in comedy has dealt with, and the second it on a scenario that I hope most of us haven't.  Buzzfeed also put one of my jokes in this fantastic list of feminist tweets, and I'm so grateful to be included that I could just devour a greek yogurt in joy!

I also got to work on this awesome sketch for the Sunday Something Show! It's about a topic that I think is very relevant and important right now: capitalizing upon your failed relationships. Don't just watch it for your own benefit - watch it for society

The video I mentioned in my last post premiered at QuickieFest, and now it's online for all to see. We shot it on a frigid day, so I'm really glad it came out so well - at least our frozen limbs contributed to great art! 

And more is on the way! I recorded a podcast last month that should be released soon, and on Monday I'm doing Jake Lucas' show Fit or Fucked at The Pit Loft. Come for fitness-related comedy and learn about my many insecurities!

I could write more about how hard it is to have the short-term memory of the goldfish, but I can't remember what else I wanted to say about it. Until next time!