I've noticed a definite "oh man, time flies!" theme in my blog post titles, and I'm continuing that proud tradition today by saying HOLY SHIT, I cannot believe it's August! July treated me well - on top of a handful of standup & storytelling shows, I got to do a really fun bit in The Bachelorette LIVE, and #soalone had a fun-filled family reunion! 

August started off strong with a shoutout from Who Ha Ha, who included my recent 140-character memoir of confusion and struggle in The Funniest Tweets Of The Whole Damn Week. Thanks, Who Ha Ha!

If 140 characters isn't enough for you, fear not: I've got some shows coming up too, starting tonight with The Telephone Show at the Pit Loft! Out of all the childhood games that adults do not play but probably should, I like Duck Duck Goose best, but Telephone is a close second, so I bet this show will be a blast. 

Next, my incredible Advanced Study Harold class has three shows to show you our newly-acquired improv skills: August 13th at 4:15, August 16th at 6pm, and August 20th at 4:15. All shows are at UCB Chelsea. This is one of the best classes I've ever taken, so I think it's gonna be awesome, and if it's not, you're only out $5. Win-win!

Finally, I'm debuting a BRAND NEW BIT on August 28th at New Bits! The lineup of this show is fantastic, and all those brand new bits will be so fresh & so clean clean. Come!

So far, that's it for August - check back in for my inevitable back-to-school post in September. I'll show you my brand new pencil case!