HOLY WOW! Summer is here! I kicked off the season with Summer Camp Movie Buffs, which was a blast, and only gave me 3 mosquito bites. 

If you've got any summer potlucks on the calendar, I've got you covered: I released a new video for The Whiskey Journal with a helpful recipe for you!

It's a little late to post this, but back in June, I wrote this touching Father's Day Tribute. Check it out if you have trouble communicating difficult feelings to loved ones, or if you don't!

And, of course, I've got some shows coming up! On Monday, I get to do Kaleidoscope with Jamie Kilstein and some other improvisers who are way better than me. It's gonna be an awesome show, and I'm counting on my teammates to make me look way more talented than I actually am. 

On Tuesday, I get do to a story at Late Night with Lani! This show is past my bedtime, so you know it's gonna get weird. 

Finally, I'm ending the week strong with an appearance at Death Comedy Jam on Thursday! Come for the comedy, come for the free Tecate, but like, don't TELL me that you only came for the free Tecate, ya know? Like, keep that to yourself.