The sun is shining, the trees are pollen-ing, and summer is upon us! And if all you wanna do on these hot, sticky days is sit in an air-conditioned theater and watch movies, I've got you covered! First, I made a sketch for The Whiskey Journal. Do you like food videos? Watch it! You'll like it! Do you dislike food videos? Watch it! You'll like it too!

If you enjoyed the video but deeply regret that you didn't get to hear my melodious voice, don't worry: here's a link to my episode of the Nights of Our Lives podcast! There, you can hear about one of my most deeply traumatic experiences and have a good laugh. 

While I'm still (kind of) on the topic of movies, Anna and I also have another Movie Buffs show coming up on July 6th! This time, we'll be reviewing summer camp movies, and if you don't come, we'll TP your bunk. 

I've also got some non-movie live shows on the calendar! On May 31st, I'm doing The Decoy Effect at Legion Bar. Should be a really fun show, just don't mistake my decoy for me, because that would be awfully awkward.

On June 8th, I get to make a triumphant return to A Fine Show Indeed at the Bushwick Public House, which is indeed a fine show! 

On July 14th, I'm doing Death Comedy Jam at The Creek and the Cave. It's an awesome show and I can't wait to promote it with a whole bunch of skull emojis.

Finally, Mother's Day has come and gone, but don't worry: I got my mom a gift, and I wrote this useful guide to help others do the same. Read it now, remember it for next year.

That's it for now! Happy summer, everyone!