Long time, no website update! Apparently I started this draft in December, and I'm now finishing it on March 4th. It's all good, though, because that's a pretty accurate reflection of how long it takes me to write 100 words (get it? What I'm saying is, I'm lazy). 

Anyway - on to the updates! I got to make this lovely video with Jon Bershad, and we premiered it at Quickiefest, which was quite fun! Embedded here for your viewing pleasure:


Moving on, it would have been seasonally appropriate to post this several months ago, but honestly, it's always Sufjan season around here. I got to be a part of Dylan Evans' Christmas Cover Project this year, reviewing Sufjan Steven's cover of Santa Claus is Coming to Town. He couldn't have picked a better version for me, and reviewing it was super fun. Find my review here

Finally, I decided to help YOU-yes, you!-become an important social media influencer with my latest piece for The Whiskey Journal: Social Media Tips From a Successful Instagram Dog.

Check back in with me in another 3 months, and maybe I'll have managed to write 150 words by then!