Wow - last time I wrote an entry here, the leaves were beautiful, bright colors, the season was young, the possibilities were endless, and we hadn't yet elected a talking sheep's bladder to serve the county as Tweeter-in-Chief. Oh, those innocent, heady days! 

The only tarnished silver lining to this terrible pit of doom is myriad opportunities for comedy, and boy, have I been taking advantage of it! In October, I was thrilled that Buzzfeed included one of my jokes in a fantastic list of feminist humor.

I'm ALSO now hosting a great new mic at The Experiment Comedy Gallery! Topical Humor Mic is a biweekly standup & storytelling mic with a different prompt for each week. We're up the first and third Saturdays of the month at 9:30. Next one's Saturday the 17th - come join us!

It's been a long time since I've updated this with shows (oops), so instead of giving you the usual retrospective, I'll just let you know what's coming up this week: first, I'm doing This is CNN at The Experiment tonight. It's current events comedy, because the news just isn't funny enough lately. On Wednesday, I get to do the Quip Cup Tournament with Play You Guys!! It's an honor to participate, and I hope to bring home the cold, or at least crack a few funnies. You'll be able to join in and watch digitally - I'll tweet a link Wednesday evening! 

Finally, I've been doing a little writing: I've got a new piece about the Clinton email investigation up at The Whiskey Journal, and I've also got a piece up at the New Yorker, which I'm low-key thrilled about.

So yeah, I'd say that my apocalypse is going just fine! 


This is what lowkey thrilled looks like on me

This is what lowkey thrilled looks like on me