It's 2016 and the year is off to a strong start! 2015 went out with a bang, or at least with a tweet: Huffington Post and The Standard Issue both featured me on their best of 2015 lists.

I also got to flex my writing muscles, and I put out some humor pieces about about a creepy Christmas card, and an atrocious apartment.

And now, it's time to take the mic...

First up on Thursday is MOVIE BUFFS, an awesome movie review variety show that I host with the inimitable Anna Roisman! This show is our baby, and we've raised it on sweet, sweet comedy. Also, we send it to a Montessori school because we just really care. 

On Friday, catch me at The Triple Crown doing some comedy at Miss Elizabeth's Royal Comedy Rumble

Saturday, I'm doing THE WEEKEND DROP at the Experiment Comedy Gallery! I'm not sure what kind of experiments there will be, so you better bring your lab kit just in case.

On Tuesday the 26th, I get to tell a  Tale at TALE with Harmon Leon. 

And finally, on Wednesday the 27th I'm doing Flying Blind: The Sketch Show Where The Actors Have No Idea What Their Next Line Is. Fucking slackers.   

After that, if you wanna catch me in a show you'll either have to wait until February, or stand outside my bathroom while I do a Broadway Review in the shower. So come to one of my other shows and avoid getting arrested for stalking!