8th Grade Halloween. Take note of the foam ears. 

8th Grade Halloween. Take note of the foam ears. 

Oh my God, there are SO MANY chances to see yours truly perform in the month of October! 

First, I'm performing at He Said, She Said at UCB Chelsea on October 7th at 11pm. It's a consistently hilarious show, and I feel preeeetty confident saying that many of the sketches you'll see will be Oscar contenders come February.

Next, catch my standup at Barely Making It at Pioneer Bar on the 19th at 7pm. It will be fantastic, bear-free* comedy.

More on this later, but I'm co-hosting an awesome show on 10/23 at 9:30pm at the PIT. You'll get more details soon, but in the meanwhile, MARK YOUR CALENDARS! 

On the 25th, I'll be doing an ALL-NEW BIT at New Bits at Muchmore's at 7pm, because it wouldn't be very on-brand if I did an old bit.

Finally, I'll be doing So What Happened Was on 10/28 at 7pm in my very own neighborhood! I've done this show twice before, and the talent has always floored me, so come see these storytellers before they're famous and then tell your friends you knew them when like some sort of pretentious fuckwad.  

Okay? Okay! And seriously, DO NOT MISS THE 23RD! 


*probably bear-free. No guarantees.